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Celebrating the arrival of the boating season and Labour Day on the 1st of May, the liveliest recreation event on the water – “Boat Carnival” will take place at the stage of the River Gauja from Sigulda to the Recreational Park “Rāmkalni”; this will be its seventh consecutive year.
As usual during the “Boat Carnival”, attractiveness, originality, sense of humour and team spirit will be evaluated instead of speed and the time taken. Control points provided by VENDENKEEN and Tarzāns will be located on Sigulda beach, where various creative and exciting tasks will await the participants. There will be two GRAND PRIX this year and the prizes will be awarded to the team(s) who are the friendliest, most responsive and most attractive. The prizes are sea cruises from Tallink Latvija. Also special prizes will be awarded for various categories, such as the wettest, the most helpful, the most joyful singing team, and others.
Participants of the event will have the opportunity of travelling from Riga to Sigulda by train free of charge in the special “Boat Carnival” train wagon offered by Pasažieru vilciens. The participants will be met on the platform by the event manager who is a passionate boater, actor, and just a fan of active recreation – Imants Vekmanis. He will be easily recognisable as he will be holding a paddle in his hand! In Sigulda, participants will go by bus from the train station to the starting line of distance – camping “Dainas”, on the field opposite Gūtmaņa Cave.
The “Boat Carnival” will start with a colourful parade, to which fans, friends and supporters are also invited to support the teams. The total length of distance is 17km. Participants should navigate the river in boats that have been prepared for the carnival and which are in good technical condition. The participants will be evaluated throughout the event by a jury appointed by the organizer. After completing the distance at the Recreational park “Rāmkalni”, the award s will take place with a soup, activities and songs. Later, all participants who return home by train will be taken to Inčukalns train station.
The “Boat Carnival” participation fee is €3.50 for one person. Rental of canoes with 64% discount is offered during the event: a boat for 3 persons is €15. The price includes also life vests, which are obligatory for all participants. Life vests can also be hired separately. The boat you have rented will be waiting for you at the starting line on the morning of the event, and you will only have to decorate it according to the theme of your team.
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