Active rest

Sunny boat rental "Rāmkalni" offers three and four seated family canoe boats with admirable stability and speed qualities. Taking care of your safety all "Rāmkalni" boats are equipped with life jackets.
Do you like active recreation? You like to pedal and enjoy surrounding nature on your way? It doesn’t matter what city or country you live, if the only missing thing is bicycle, come to Rāmkalni! Step into our bike rental and you are already in half a way to journey. We offer you to rent US production GT bicycles and already prepared bike routes.
We have the longest rodel track in Baltic region, it is 400m long and it has seven curves. It is safe and exciting not only for your children but also for You - mothers, grandparents and fathers...
Skiing track "Rāmkalni" offers two 200 m long rides from which one is very suitable for repose in family circle and other track is more suitable for sharper sense fans and snowboarders. There is several small and one large springboard.
Recreational park "Rāmkalni" offers already prepared boat routes for rivers such Gauja, Salaca and many others rivers of Latvia. Arrive, leave your car at "Rāmkalni" and we will take you together with all equipment and personal belongings with our bus to exact place where starts your journey.
Bicycle rent „Rāmkalnu" offers to enjoy attractive journeys for body and soul:
● Rāmkalni - Church Vangaži - Rāmkalni (16 km)
● Rāmkalni - Krimulda - Sigulda - Rāmkalni (31 km)
● Combined boat - bike route

«Garmin X Rāmkalni velo slēpņošana» ir piedzīvojums dabā ar pārbaudījumiem, orientēšanos, meklēšanu un atrašanas prieku. Ar Garmin navigācijas ierīci, jādodas 16 km garajā velo maršrutā «Rāmkalni» – Vangažu baznīca – «Rāmkalni», pēc dotajām norādēm jāmeklē slēpņi, jānoraksta vārdi, precīzi jāatkodē ziņojums un finišā saņem dāvanu!

Forget everything and make yourself comfortable in the tube while enjoying the view that appears when the lift takes you up. Then the moment has come! You're picking up the speed and slide down the hill in zigzags and whirls! 
Feel the freedom of bird; take a look on beautiful curves of river Gauja from up. Flying chair, which reminds as small air tram is suitable for everyone, who would like feel gentle breeze of wind above the treetops and just for a while feel the freedom of bird.
Come and delude gravitation, feel the freedom of flight and jump just like that, perform back flips together with friends or relatives – it is really great fun.
“Rāmkalni” offers real electro cars and real road signs with traffic lights for small drivers (until 50kg).
Earth-sky-earth.. wind.. sun.. nature... adrenaline & fun!


Professionally organized banquets let you focus on what`s most important for you. We will take care of everything that is needed at arrangements, be it a small coffee break with a delicious Ramkalni home made pastry and aromatic cup of coffee or a big celebration. 
Home bistro "Rāmkalni" offers a delicious dinner or just cup of coffee in peaceful, relaxing atmosphere. Just besides Rīga - Valmiera motorway (A3) at the bridge of Murjāņi by the river of the Gauja. You will receive delicious meal, peaceful atmosphere and very scenic country views.
We built beautiful house, we painted it, placed tils, and equipped it. With true excitement we brought stoves and pans, ordered best available machineries. We built our pastry shop from the warmth of our hearts. Than we hired kindhearted and highly skilled pastry cooks. We started to pug, ferment, bake and toast, and all valley of Gauja river filled withsense of coziness.
We offer lunch breaks for your tourist groups in "Rāmkalni". This is not just a great place for dinner; it is a great stop with the chance to view Valley of Gauja River. You can have a quick and delicious meal, use our leisure park activities and services or just take a walk trough our romantic dream pathway.
Your beloved shop, your vender, sense and smell of your childhood. Your minds and dreams, sweet feeling of coziness. We missed all it so much that we built a nice shop with excellent assortment for weekdays and weekends.
If people are hungry, they can not enjoy the beauty...this is why we offer to prepare a picnic set for outdoor recreation, which relieves your hunger and distracts attention fromthe sights or photographic locations.


This is real adventure, this is recreation, and this is team work. For task accomplishment your team should have mot, courage, strength and resoluteness. You will have to use bikes, boats; you will have to show your orientation skills in underground labyrinth. You will have to pass rough terrains, learn how to help each other, help yourself and trust to others. Get the real taste of winning and get a chance to rate real senses of friendship and companionship.
Everything is better here at Ramkalni! The grass is greener and the sky is bluer! The airin the cafe smells sweet of mother's kitchen. And the cookies taste like just pinched from Auntie Emma's big box of cookies.
Ekskursija skolēniem Rāmkalnu sukāžu ražotnē. Vai gribi ieskatīties aiz durvīm, kur top izslavētās Rāmkalnu sukādes, pastilas un sīrupi?
Jauno pavāru meistarklase. Vai gribi piemērīt pavāra cepuri? Iemācīsim tev uzcept saldo ābolīti un picu. 
Kad virsū mācas nogurums, kad viss gāžas ārā no rokām, bet birojā valda nemitīga kašķēšanās, īsts uzņēmējs rīkojas un sūta padotos aizraujošā četru dienu ceļojumā uz neticamiem pārsteigumiem bagāto Latvijas novadu - Vidzemi. 
To enhance the joy you have to share it with others! We offer to buy gift cards so you yourself can choose how to get positive emotions, joy and excitement.
Rāmkalnos realizētie Eiropas Savienības projekti.