Rodel Track

Rodel track is open.

Enjoy freedom and wind - use toboggan at "Rāmkalni"!

Hop into our sled with small rubber wheels and slide down the metal gutter, enjoy the wind breeze trough you hair and if it comes too fast you can slow down using break, of not than smile and enjoy extreme feeling and smile!

We have the longest rodel track in Baltic region, it is 400m long and it has 7 curves, which goes trough the forest, meadows and end right at the river. Rodel track is miniature bobsleigh track with sleds, they are equipped with small rubber wheels and brakes. You can enjoy ride two people at one time or just one. Sleds are equipped with speed limiters using centrifugal forces, but anyway you have to follow the signs on the track.

Rodel track 360° - RĀMKALNI - RODEĻU TRASE

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This is very exiting attraction, because driver can speed up, break and string. Rodels can use small children as well only under supervision of adult in the same sled. This attraction does not have any age restrictions at all.

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1 ride for 1 person

1,50 Eur

1 ride for GROUP (more than 15 persons)

1,40 Eur

1 ride for child (6-12 years)

1,40 Eur

4 rides + 1 for free

6,00 Eur

4 rides + Flying chair for free

6,00 Eur

4 rides +  Summer Tubing for free

6,00 Eur


The prices mentioned are for Your information. We keep the right to change them. Check the prices when booking (+371 29100280, +371 67977277).