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We are located in the Gauja National Park—we like to call ourselves the ‘gateway’ to this lovely nature preserve.

We offer full service boat and bicycle rentals with well-planned routes that let you discover the wild, untouched beauty of the Gauja river and the surrounding natural landscape. And after an active adventure have a delicious meal at our weekend branch to complete the experience! 

We are looking forward to next season!

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Boat Rentals

Here at the Rāmkalni we always look out for your well being! Rāmkalni boat rentals offers both canoes and kayaks for you to choose from. Take a boat out for pleasant trip here in the vicinity of Rāmkalni or choose one of our planned routes along the Gauja. We not only have boats to rent, but also deliver you to the starting point and pick you up when your adventure is over. Choose from one of the seven routes we have prepared or, if you have an idea for the perfect route, just let us know—everything is possible.

Give us a call and we'll make all the necessary arrangements!

Always be mindful of water safety!

Boats from the marina
8 00 Eur

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Bicycle rentals

Discover the beauty of the forests, fields, and riverbank along the Gauja by bicycle. Plan your bicycle tour as a lazy family excursion or take on an athletic challenge. Chose a route, rent a bike and the necessary safety equipment, and enjoy your adventure! You can rent a bicycle for just a few hours or for the whole day.


We also offer specially designed programmes for businesses and team building events.


Remember to stay safe!

Bicycle rentals
4 00 Eur
2 00 Eur
All day
12 00 Eur
Mandatory equipment: a helmet
1 50 Eur
16 km route 31 km route

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Rāmkalni is an excellent place to begin your trek along the Gauja river whether you are an active hiker, a Nordic-walker, or have come to enjoy the calm beauty of the natural world.


You and your friends/family can head off toward Sigulda, Vangaži, or Murjāni. Explore the Inčukalns Devil’s Cave, the once-beloved Soviet era restaurant Sēnīte—the Little Mushroom, the Loja Hillfort, Sigulda’s Devil’s Cliffs and Devils Cave, the pedestrian bridge over the Gauja, and other beautiful places along the river banks.


Park your car at Ramkalni, buy some snacks for your picnic basket, and start your unforgettable adventure!




We have a beautiful picnic spot for you among the trees with a picturesque view of the Gauja where you can enjoy a meal in the great outdoors complete with the scent of bonfires, birds twittering in the trees, and delicacies from Rāmkalni.

Rides for children and adults at the Rāmklani Amusement Park, followed by a picnic on the banks of the Gauja river—the perfect recipe for a wonderful weekend adventure!


We have everything you need for a lovely picnic.


Picnic site rental
up to 3h
20 00 Eur
If the duration exceeds 3 hours, we will agree on conditions on the spot.