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Rāmkalni online store a good price for candied gooseberry - cranberry mix!

22 april 2020

At a time when there is a natural awakening after winter, sometimes we also feel a little sleepy, tired and so long for sources of inspiration and strength. Vitamin C should be taken daily. Especially now, when the home-grown fresh fruits and vegetables are over, the winter has tired us, the weather is changing - the warm weather in spring is still delayed. Vitamin C is used quickly in the body, so we need to take care of its regular intake.

Scientists say that this vitamin we need to provide: the body's immune system functions, a stable nervous system, a good mood, the ability to concentrate, help to overcome stress, as well as many other significant benefits for our health.

The good news is that a dose of vitamin C is hidden in our candies!
And right now in Rāmkalni online store a good price for candied gooseberry - cranberry mix in a 400g package!

Take a look at ➡️ https://www.eramkalni.lv/veikals/item/sukades/erkskogu-un-lielogu-dzervenu-sukades-1/

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