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The Vikings of Rāmkalni conquer store shelves!

13 february 2019

We are happy to announce that our delicious natural sweets have new, bright packages!

Main focus for the new 50g design is to conquer the Baltic and Scandinavian markets. And who else could be more responsible for such goal achievment if not a Viking – a widely known and loved character, loyal, strong and brave far land conqueror. In the new, colourful Viking packages you will find several candied fruit tastes: rhubarb, candied fruit and berry mix, cranberry, quince and cranberry mix, quince.

We are sure that our handsome Vikings will make many gourmets smile all over the world. Choose natural snacks, rich in vitamins as our candied fruits and berries!


As ancient stories tell, the Vikings were fearless and curious travelers, smart dealers and hard-working farmers - just like we are in Rāmkalni!

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